Exclusive Interview With Nigerian Artist, “Local Boy” Based in USA

Brite Benson a.k.a Local Boy is a Nigerian born artist based in the United States of America. In this exclusive interview, he speaks on varied issues.  Happy Reading…

I Want People To Love One Another And Be Happy – Brite Benson 

Ques: What inspires you to sing?

Ans: Music inspires me to sing. I grew up being exposed to variety of music. I am an instrument person. The sound of music inspires me to sing. Any time I hear the sound of a musical instrument, I just want to sing.

Ques: Every musician has a message. Are you an exception to this; do you have a particular message?

Exclusive Interview With Nigerian Artist, “Local Boy” Based in USA

Ans: My message is love. I want people to love one another and be happy. Love is everything to me and that is the kind of message I pass across.

Ques: What is your style or genre of music?

Ans: When it comes to my style, I am more into Pop. I could have considered myself as an R&B type but I am into almost everything. Growing up, I was into folktale, storytelling was my thing. But my main thing is pop; that’s why I consider myself as an Afro-pop artist.

Ques: You’re based in the US and you know how music is rated across board, how would you rate Nigerian music, compared to what you see here?

Ans: Nigerian music has gone worldwide right now. I think, our beat is essential and it’s a big part of the music industry globally, at the moment. Nigerian music has gone far, ahead of its counterparts in the world. People all over the world listen to Nigerian music even as much as their own. Here, in America, about 60% of Americans know about African music and they love the sound. We can do the American style and tweak it and turn it into afro. That is African. But we call it afro that comes originally from people like Fela Ransome-Kuti and others.

I was in Nigeria and I saw a lot when it comes to music and I had to put on my belt and say, hey you can do better.

Music today is not what it used to be. Back then music was more of storytelling, but now music is more of vibe and a little of storytelling, but much about vibe.

Ques: What do you think we need to do to improve? Or do you think we are already there and there is no room for improvement?

Ans: There is always room for improvement in every part of the world when it comes to music. But for me, I listen to what people say a lot and one thing I think is that we use a lot of alto tone and need to reduce them; beside that we are okay.

In addition, our storytelling we need to concentrate on some other things apart from women and money. We need to look at other things happening in society and sing about them. You see artists like Asa impress me a lot because she has a wide range of issues she addresses with her songs.

Ques: There is something about your music. It’s unique and calm to the soul, yet people can dance to it. What should your fans expect from you this year? Are you working on something?

Ans: My team is working really hard on new releases. I tell people that the songs that are out now are just a tip of the iceberg because more solid stuff is coming out any moment now.

I am working to make sure I give my fans the best of the best. That’s why it’s taking a little more time. We are also working to make sure our videos are top notch and our songs are not the same kind of songs they hear every day, but still they can dance and vibe to the rhythm of our tune.

I want my fans to know we have a song coming out this March.

Ques: Which of your song is your favorite? It may not be the ones other people like, but you. Maybe because of the circumstances around you when you wrote the song.

Ans: (laughing): There was a song I wrote titled ‘Amen.’ It goes like this (singing): #‘When I wake up in the morning, I go shout Hallelujah. Sleep every night, shout halleluiah. Somebody say amen.’#

It’s not released yet, but it’s one of my songs I really put my little effort in musically because it has to do with me intimately speaking. It has to do with the past when I was really struggling and I can relate to the song. It’s a song that when anybody hears it they put it on repeat because it’s a prayer song.

Ques: What message do you have for your fans?

Ans: I want my fans to know I love them and I want them to keep listening to my song and to keep supporting me. I need their prayer and support. The sky is the limit for us. Any time I see any of my fans I am going to hug them and show them some love. I’m just ready to wow my fans out there.

Ques: We are asking the first question last. What is your stage name?

Ans: I go by the name Brite Benson a.k.a Local Boy.

Ques: Why Local boy?

Ans: Local Boy for me because I want people to know that I started from the grass and still stay humble with those I started with. I stay local and connected with my home and my root….Nigeria is my home. I am from Delta, however I grew up in Ibadan and Lagos. When I gave myself that name I prayed over it and people always want to know this local boy. It sounds funny.


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