Brite Benson Trills Fans at Afro Soka Love Concept in US

Nigerian Afro pop singer Brite Benson, with stage name Brite, recently thrilled his fans at the Afro Soko Love Concept organised in Washington DC, USA.

The Kalaputa cronner, who was the headline act in the event thrilled the over 5000 audience to songs such as Ikebe, Slaymama, Kung fu love and his most recently released hit track Kalaputa.

“I was surprised at the kind of love I received from the audience, I’ve seen a lot of stages, but DC showed me a different energy and the love was very encouraging “, Brite noted.

He, however, implored younger artistes not to give up but to be dedicated and prayerful noting that hardwork always pays off.

Asked about his plans for the rest of the year, Brite said he would keep that close to his heart as he has lots of surprises for his fans.


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